AnthroCon Info

Here is an info dump regarding my presence at AnthroCon this year:

*I’ll be there from Thursday night until Monday afternoonish.

*I will have a table in the Dealer’s Den. New products are primarily a series of prints, most of which will be mature. I’ll have all the old stickers, plus some new ones by QuetzaDrake (and maybe one or two new ones from myself if I find the time).

*Regarding the prints: I’ve drawn a series of nude pin-ups of Concession characters. I did five so far and hope to do at least one more. QuetzaDrake is also trying to make a print or two to sell. No posters this year.

*My art will be in the art show! Which means there will be some Immelmann originals for you to bid on if that’s your thing. I will have work in both the regular and mature sections. I’m not sure how many I’ll have.

*I might offer a few – very few – sketch commissions while at my table. i’m not sure yet. That will largely be a “If I’m in the mood for it” thing.

*I will be in the Omni hotel. I don’t anticipate having a lot of people in my room like last year, but we’ll see, I guess. I’m in there with only Sphix this year, my boyfriend.

*I don’t have any panels this year. I wanted to do one, but honestly, I never came up with an idea good enough. If my new comic is live by next AC, I might do a panel about it. I’m going to miss my Panelist ribbon!

*How will you recognize me? Well, here’s a picture of me, and chances are, I’ll be wearing shirts just like that. I wanted to do some cosplaying, but money problems may have made that impossible. We’ll see!

*I don’t mind if you come talk to me, but smalltalk is not a skill of mine, so feel free to ramble like a fanboy. Hugs are fine if you ask first.

*I’d like to arrange a way to for all my online friends and fans to meet, chill, maybe go and eat, but it’s difficult to find a place for that, find a good place to eat, and organize it. Still, I’ll try!

I think that’s all the information I need to post.

Oh, and here’s how to find my table (click to enlarge):

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